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                        Show Time                 

 Horse shows are a great way to measure your progress as a rider! Castalian Equestrian Center offers the chance to show at the local level and also at various A, AA and AAA shows across the country. 

training::    USEF rated shows:             $150/day for one horse                                                                                                                 $100/day per horse/for  two or more
Full grooming, lunging, bathing, tacking, bandaging; everything except braiding                                                                                      $75/day plus training

braiding                                          $50/mane
                                                        $30/ tail
Local schooling shows: Training    $75/day per horse
                                    grooming     $50/day per horse
Lease of horse for showing:
          Minimum lease for schooling show     $75/day
         Lease of horse for rated show  through private agreement
         minimum lease                                     $250
Clients split the cost of trainers and grooms hotel rooms or camper fees.

Trimming of whiskers,ears and fetlocks as well as mane pulling are additional fees unless paying for groom service

ALL RIDERS ARE EXPECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN HORSE SHOW PREPARATIONS.This includes bathing of horses, cleaning tack, packing the equipment, and at the end of the show, caring for the horses cleaning of tack and unpacking the equipment. There is a great deal of work associated with showing. We realize that sometimes there are circumstances that prevent riders from participating either prior to or fallowing a show. When these circumstances occur, we will be glad to provide these services for a fee of $50 

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