Castalian Equestrian Center - Hunters Jumpers Equitation

Castalian Equestrian Center has a full range of services from once a week beginner lessons to training packages for the serious competitor

Full Training:                      $1400/month
Includes everything associated with training and boarding show horses and riders including; schooling of the horse as often as necessary,  Up to 2  weekly Lessons for the rider on own horse or ours, turnout, grooming, bathing, and clipping. In short everything except farrier, veterinarian, and showing fees.

Partial Training:                 $1100/month
Includes regular board plus training/lessons or combination of both 3 days a week.


Boarding is offered  to our customers that train and show with us. 

Stall Board is offered at $700/month for a limited number of horses who's owners also take weekly lessons and show at least once a month with us. Horses are hayed and grained 2-3 times a day depending on the horse. We gladly feed owner supplied  supplements in addition to our own feed mix. Stalls are cleaned daily and horses are turned out either nightly or daily depending on the horse and the weather. We have individual paddocks as well as larger paddocks for multiple horses.
Pasture Board for a select few at $350/month

  $1.25/mile for one horse $1.00/mile per horse for two or more
 $75 min per horse
New York City and the 5 Boroughs $259 surrcharge
All tolls are an additional charge
Fuel: If Fuel costs exceed $4/gallon a fuel surcharge will be added to invoice
(surcharge calculated by A.T.A.)


Horses sold                                                   15% of total purchase price

Horses found for the customer                    10% of total purchase price

Leases negotiated                                        20% of value of lease


Clipping                  Face and ears            $20
Body Clip                                                 $150
Daily professional rides                            $50
Mane Pull                                                  $20
Lunge                                                        $15
Clean Tack                Bridle                      $10
                                  Saddle                     $10
walk/hold horse                                        $15 per 30 minutes
Administration of owners meds               $3
Medications       $5 +market price +10%
Bandaging                                                $10
Grooming/Bathing                                   $20
Laundry            Sheets                             $8
                         Blankets                          $12
 owners are expected to wash their own saddle pads and bandages
occasional charges for laundry supplies will be added to invoices Owners are expected to supply there own fly spray, bathing supplies, grooming supplies, and linaments

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